Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing is a critical piece of maintaining good health. Most people overlook it, even though the majority of the population breathes rapidly and shallowly, probably because of the hurried pace of the world we live in.

Breathing exercises promote muscle relaxation and do a number of good things for you. This is a great exercise you can use to improve your daily life. It is something you can practice any time you feel the need.

  1. It lessens the physical response to stress. Use it whenever you feel stress setting in.
  2. Helps to keep the mind clear. Use it whenever you feel unfocused.
  3. Increases the levels of oxygen to organs. For this reason especially it should be used regularly.

“Take your own oxygen first”

How Do I Do Deep Breathing?

It is a simple practice that you can use regularly or every once in a while. Start by getting in a comfortable position and close your eyes if you can. It is important to breathe using the stomach muscles. Place your hand on your stomach. You should feel it rise and fall with each breath.

  1. Inhale deeply, slowly, over several seconds, through your nose.
  2. Hold breath for several seconds.
  3. Exhale through your mouth over several seconds.
  4. Hold breath for several seconds.
  5. Repeat at least 10 times twice a day.

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