John’s Story

“I have had back pain for 40 years but once I was diagnosed with mul

John actually had a complex problem. The spine was involved with multiple myeloma. Ideally, he would have had a fusion, but it was preferable to control his pain while allowing him to get the chemotherapy he needed.

“Dr. Rosenberg told me I needed to have an intrathecal pain pump placed. My wife and I had never really had health problems and we didn’t know what to think, so we went home to think it over. We decided to go ahead with placement. From day one the pump took over and I could sit up. I was able to do physical therapy and finally started walking again.The pain was almost gone.I gave myself 1 or 2 extra doses a day for the first month, but now I hardly need to have any extra at all.Once the pump took over, I just got better and better.Usually I have no pain at all, but even my worse pain is ‘just there’, nothing I can’t bear. I keep busy building fences, bailing hay, running cattle, welding, and I canwalk.”

Eventually,John completed chemotherapy and had the spinal fusion. He recently went pheasant hunting in South Dakota.

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