John’s Story

“Once the pump took over, I just got better and better.”

“I have had back pain for 40 years but once I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, the pain became severe. Even though I was on pain pills every day, I could only sit up about 1/3 of the way before my back would hurt so badly I had to lay back down. That’s when I met Dr. William Rosenberg.”

John actually had a complex problem. The spine was involved with multiple myeloma. Ideally, he would have had a fusion, but it was preferable to control his pain while allowing him to get the chemotherapy he needed.

“Dr. Rosenberg told me I needed to have an intrathecal pain pump placed. My wife and I had never really had health problems and we didn’t know what to think, so we went home to think it over. We decided to go ahead with placement. From day one the pump took over and I could sit up. I was able to do physical therapy and finally started walking again.The pain was almost gone.I gave myself 1 or 2 extra doses a day for the first month, but now I hardly need to have any extra at all. Once the pump took over, I just got better and better. Usually I have no pain at all, but even my worse pain is ‘just there’, nothing I can’t bear. I keep busy building fences, bailing hay, running cattle, welding, and I can walk.”

Eventually, John completed chemotherapy and had the spinal fusion. He recently went pheasant hunting in South Dakota.

Karen’s Story

As a healthy, energetic 54 year old woman, Karen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She was treated aggressively – with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. While these treatments were helping her to fight the cancer, she developed severe pain that proved difficult to treat.

“I had gotten to a point where I couldn’t tolerate the pain any longer. I just wanted to die. Life was getting increasingly harder to live. I sought the help of a palliative care doctor. He prescribed pain medication to help me cope. They just ‘took the edge’ off my pain but also made it difficult to function. They inhibited my ability to walk and work. I knew this kind of life style on oral pain killers was not right for me.”

My oncologist asked if I would consider a “pain pump?” Having no idea at all what it was or what it did, he suggested I see Dr. Rosenberg at the Center for the Relief of Pain. That visit made all the difference in the world. Dr. Rosenberg took the .me to explain every last detail. He reassured me and gave me hope of being pain free. After a week of incisional pain, I realized that I no longer had upper abdominal pain. As I healed from surgery, I was able to function better at ‘living life.’ There were no side effects of dizziness, inability to drive and that ‘groggy’ feeling that comes with oral pain medications. I was able to return to work and could fully perform my job. This device is amazing! The best part is that the refill procedure is so simple and my dosage can be adjusted so easily with an office visit.

I have to thank Dr. Rosenberg for giving me the possibility to live my life without pain. My family and friends could not believe the difference in my physical and emotional state since the pump was placed. With a device as simple as this, cancer patients and others in pain can extend and improve the quality of life. No one has to suffer from constant pain.”

Doyle’s Story

In 1971, Doyle suffered trauma to the left cheek. He spent the next 40 years suffering with terrible pain, deep within the face and cheek. The pain would come in waves, every two hours, around the clock. He say numerous doctors and tried more than 15 different procedures and treatments in search of relief.

“Forty years of appointments followed by disappointment. I was in pain so hard to describe, so off the charts, I had thoughts of ending my life!”

Ultimately, Doyle underwent deep brain stimulation in which a computer was used to precisely place two electrodes in the central portion of his brain. Finding the effective program took perseverance.

“It took me seven and a half long months to find total relief from my pain, but it was all worth it. It would take a whole book to write how blessed, how thankful, how totally happy I am I found this.”

“My hope and my prayer is that God bless this Center and this new field of dealing with chronic pain.”

Rhonda’s Story

Rhonda’s pain started with a surgical procedure in 1997. The pain became so intense, she could not even touch the area. Washing and wearing clothing became almost impossible. It hurt to walk, limiting her to less than a mile. The pain worsened and she feared for her future.

Rhonda’s pain consumed her for a long time. She sought a number of medical opinions and tried numerous medications. The surgical site was revised, but without benefit.

Rhonda’s primary care physician referred her to a pain doctor, who discussed the possibility of “burning” the nerve, but this type of treatment did not make sense to her. She also did not want to be on medication for the rest of her life, medication that gave her side effects.

Rhonda’s pain doctor referred her to Dr. William Rosenberg at the Center for the Relief of Pain. That is the first time that Rhonda was offered neurostimulation. Trial stimulation of the responsible nerve just under the skin was successful and she had a permanent stimulator implanted.

A few months after surgery, Rhonda walked her first walk-a-thon for 12 miles, was able to sit more comfortably and the terrible sensitivity was almost completely gone.

“Thank you Dr. Rosenberg”

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